Risk based testing and test automation

Risk Based Testing

Over the last ten years, professionals working in software and system development have learned how to apply the powerful techniques of risk analysis and risk management to their projects. In this tutorial you'll learn:

  • How to apply risk analysis techniques to identify risks to the quality of the system and to assess their likelihoods and impacts.
  • How risk prioritization can tell testing professionals where to focus development and test resources.
  • How the project team can improve the accuracy of the risk analysis--and thus the effectiveness and efficiency of testing--throughout the system development lifecycle.

The tutorial will discuss the various techniques, and illustrate them through real case studies.

Test Automation Success Secrets

Everyone wants to get the benefits of test automation, but only those who carefully manage the process get to enjoy these benefits.
In this talk, Rex will cover some of the key areas that must be managed to succeed at test automation. These areas include:

  • Understanding the business case and calculating return on investment.
  • Assembling the proper team with the proper skills.
  • Determining how test automation will affect your overall test process.
  • Selecting the right set of tests to automate—and avoid the wrong ones.
  • Designing test automation frameworks for maintainability.
  • Managing the process from initial needs identification to maintaining an established test automation program.
  • Surmounting the typical challenges along the way.

The manager responsible for a test automation projects will go away from this talk with practical ideas that she can apply tomorrow.