Yaron has been working in software since 1990, and has more than 19 years in testing field as a Test Engineer, Testing TL, and Testing Manager.
His original profession was Systems Analyst.
Yaron worked in Product Management, Project Management and Development for at least 3 years before becoming a Director of QA & Testing.
Yaron, as a Director of QA & Testing department has gained an extensive experience in large-scale, complex, real-time systems, Development Process, Project Management, and Customer Support; expert in telecom, banking and IT systems.

Yaron is the current President of ISTQB (International Testing Qualifications Board – ( and is also the President and founder of the ITCB (Israeli Testing Certification Board – (
He is a member of IQAMF (Israeli QA Managers Forum) and in SIGiST Israel.
In addition, Yaron has been invited as a speaker to some important international conferences to lecture on subjects related to QA & Testing.

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