Implementing successful Acceptance Test

The dream of the field engineer and the project manager is to deliver the required project to their customer and gain the customer’s satisfaction.

Many ways can lead to a successful ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) which most of them speak about the technical aspects.
I would like to take you to a tour that will expose you to the fact that the ATP is not only a technical driven subject, in most of the cases it is required a mix of robust process, strong management control, diplomatic skills and technical aspects.

You will be able to view how we handled a successful ATP stories over the years, what are the process stages that we decided to take care in the product life-cycle and how we lead together with the project manager and the customer to a successful Acceptance Test.
I’ll show how your test organization will gain additional credit points, in-front of the project manager and the customer.

The practice is focused on complex systems that part of them delivered to telecommunication companies under restricted rules and stiff exit criteria elements – which made this more complex to handle among with tense delivery timelines.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to define the Acceptance Test process and the scope of handling the process,
  • Be able to define the Acceptance Test deliverables,
  • Be able to understand skills required from the tester to handle the ATP,
  • Be able to practice the scope of the tests and the how to manage it from both technical/professional side and soft-skills side.