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Test Process Improvement with TMMi: doing right the first time

The aim of this interactive workshop is to provide background and to help the attendees understand why test process improvement is important, and then how to deliver qualitative and quantitative process improvements using the TMMi model.

It explains in detail what the TMMi model is, and why it is different from other test process improvement models. Time will also be taken looking at some of the benefits TMMi has helped organisations achieve.

To help understand the benefits of the TMMi model, the day will also include a quick assessment which will provide an indicative view of where within the 5 levels of TMMi, each attendees company, project or team is currently positioned,

Throughout the day we will relate our experiences from the delivery of numerous Experimentus TMMi assessments and provide practical remedies and strategies to make an effective difference.

Finally there is a review of a regular Test Maturity survey undertaken by Experimentus to obtain a view of the trends in the software testing industry today.

Course Objectives

To provide background to :

  • Why companies improve the test process?

  • The TMMi Foundation

  • The CMMI relationship

  • TMMi in detail

  • The maturity of the Software Testing Industry

Detailed Course Content

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Why improve the test process?

    • What drives process improvement

    • The steps involved in process improvement

    • The benefits and pitfalls of improving test processes

  • The TMMi Foundation

    • Its history

    • Who is involved

    • Its goals and objectives

  • The CMM(I) relationship

    • A look at how TMMi and CMMI complement each other

  • TMMi in detail

    • A detailed look at the TMMi Model process areas contained in the 5 maturity levels

    • What benefits can be achieved

  • TMMi Quick Assessment

    • During this interactive session each attendee will be guided through a quick assessment which when completed, will provide the attendees which a view of the maturity level of the test processes in use in their company/project or team

  • Results

    • Feedback of the results of the Assessment

    • Action planning for potential improvements

  • TMMi Industry trends survey

    • How mature is the industry

    • How the Quick assessment results compare to the industry