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A primer on testing and test automation for mobile phone applications

Mobile phones are ubiquitous. Since 2007, millions of us have changed our habits to use applications on our smartphones. We can find and download new applications immediately and even discard them a few minutes later. Some of us are involved in creating and testing these applications. This tutorial provides a primer on ways to test mobile phone applications, both interactively and using test automation.

Testing can help improve the quality of mobile phone applications. The tutorial will help you learn how testing can be applied during each stage in the lifecycle of a mobile application.

Sometimes automation can help us test more efficiently and effectively. However, Test Automation for mobile phone applications includes many challenges. These challenges include: complexities and limitations in the test automation software; how to control or simulate the myriad sensors; etc. The tutorial will explain some of the major challenges and how we can decide which automation is relevant, useful and appropriate for our project and our project team.

We can design our mobile applications so they’re more testable. We will learn ways to improve the testability our software applications during the tutorial.

The mobile apps world continues to evolve rapidly so join us to learn more about the testing challenges and practices for your mobile app world.