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Solving Testing Challenges for Mobile Apps

Testing mobile apps is a rich and sometimes enjoyable activity; however many apps are clearly being released with significant bugs that are then fixed in subsequent releases, after users have been let down by failures in the app. We can improve how we develop and test our mobile apps if we choose to do so. This tutorial will discuss various challenges and help you find answers to address these challenges.

Some of the topics are based on widespread challenges faced by many software teams working on mobile apps. Others stem from current research on new complementary approaches that augment and enhance your current development and testing practices.
The tutorial will include the following topics; others may emerge during the tutorial sessions.

Background topics

  • Things worth knowing about mobile ecosystems and mobile testing
  • Key skills in learning test automation

Testing Challenges

  • What are the main challenges to testing mobile apps?
  • Testing mobile apps in an Agile environment
  • How to create a test lab for mobile apps
  • Hands-on interactive testing of mobile apps
  • Test automation in action

Research Related Approaches

Mobile Analytics may be able to provide fresh insights into how our apps are performing in use. We can design measurements and implement them as messages sent using Mobile Analytics.

Mobile Analytics is already being used by many development teams to gather business data on how mobile apps are being used. However, few people know how mobile analytics software behaves or performs, and using mobile analytics may cause security, confidentiality and privacy problems. We may be able to use Mobile Analytics data to identify quality problems in our apps. 

The tutorial and the material are continually revised to reflect the start of the art, and the state of the practice, of testing mobile apps. We will not cover ‘everything’ however you will gain a better understanding of how to test mobile apps, together with a little practice of actually testing real apps.

You are welcome to bring your mobile phones, your apps, and your questions about testing mobile apps to this tutorial.