Testing for Critical Systems

“Testing Standards: Curse or Cure” with a follow-up on IEEE 829 and the differences between the 1998 and 2008 version of the standard.

Everyone speaks of standards, and standards are generally considered good. Sometimes standards are considered cumbersome and process- or documentation- heavy, and are thus rejected by a segment of the Testing professionals. This tutorial will study standards with respect to software development and testing in different fields, from embedded applications (like on cell-phones and PCs) to safety critical applications in fields such as space and aeronautics (Aerospace). This will enable you to understand and evaluate the potential advantages but also the drawbacks of the using standards in our software development. We will see where standards are useful and where they are less useful, so that by the end of this tutorial, you will be able to evaluate which standards could be of use in your software development and testing context in your company. You will also learn where to find and acquire standards and how they could implement them in your organization. This will enable you to evaluate the risks and the opportunities associated to standards, and thus acquire the level of quality associated to enterprises that use standards.

“Introduction to Critical Systems Quality”, an introduction to critical system and the application in real life of development and testing standards.

Systems-of-systems are frequently safety-critical and always complex. This complexity increases the potential number of defects and the risk of failures, yet most of these systems work correctly without failures: planes do not fall out of the sky, satellites do not come tumbling down on earth, etc. Learn by this tutorial how to ensure that your systems also reach such high quality levels. This tutorial will explain which are the specific aspects to take into account, such as time to delivery, limitation of cost and effort, and will propose simple strategies to manage risks. Standards and their implementation will be addressed, as well as development and testing strategies, and how to implement them.