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hartyJulian has been working in technology since 1980 and over the years has held an eclectic collection of roles and responsibilities. At eBay he was the 'Tester At Large' where he visited and helped software engineers across the group of companies globally. He was the first software test engineer at Google outside the USA; a main board company director in England for a mix of companies involved in development and testing. He ran the systems and operations for the European aspects of Dun & Bradstreet's Advanced Research and Development Company for 11 years, and was a Royal Air Force Apprentice fixing aircraft radio and radar systems.

Currently, Julian works as an independent consultant for various organisations who want to improve their software engineering and software testing practices. He also works on opensource mobile applications and test automation projects for web and mobile applications.

One of his interests is to share ideas and practices freely. He contributes to various books on test automation, developing & testing mobile apps, etc. You can find much of his materials available online.